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Replacement Ballcocks for Briggs/Case
Replacement Ballcocks for Briggs/Case #50, 62-8 Assembly
Retrofit Model (Ballcock) for Popular One-Piece Kohler Toilets
Retrofit Fill Valve For Kohler One-Piece Tank Numbers: 3402, 3397, 3378, 3383, 3385, 3401 and 3408
Retrofit Model for Certain One-Piece American Standard Toilets
Retrofit Fill Valve for Am. Std. Toilet Tanks Marked 2006.014, 2007.012 & 2008.019
Burlington Anti-Siphon Toilet Fill Valves (Ballcocks)
(Models 20A, 20A MT & XT, and 20A ADJ)
Burlington Toilet Fill Valve Parts
(Repair kits & replacement parts specific to current model ballcocks and traditional, non-anti-siphon Models 20R & 15)
Scovill Anti-Siphon Toilet Fill Valves (Ballcocks)
(Scovill Model 16A, 16A MT & XT, and 16A ADJ)
Scovill Toilet Fill Valve Parts
(Repair kits & replacement parts specific to Scovill ballcocks, including current and some discontinued Models, such as S15 & S200)
Toilet Specialties and Trim
(Tank Trip Levers, Tank Float Balls & Trim)
Toilet Fill Valve (Ballcock) Hardware
(All ballcock parts common to all Models: refill tubes, sealing balls, washers, duckbill check valves, thumbscrews, float rods, coupling nuts & locknuts)
Quarter Turn Stops
(CP Stop for Toilet Fill Valves & 3/8 x 3/8 Straight Stop)
Toilet Fill Valve (Ballcock) Float Rods
(Various length float rods for all ballcocks)
Wall Hung & Inside The Wall Toilet Tank Fill Valve
Top/Back Supply Ballcock (Fill Valve)
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